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*** UPDATE***

It's official! My paperback is now available on Amazon. Here is the correct link for purchase:

How Else Can You Help?
Please, leave a review! Even if it's just a few lines on Amazon or Goodreads, every review increases visibility. Below you'll find two buttons to leave a review. If you'd like a free digital review copy, fill out the contact form here.


Help make my novel a success!

Ever wonder how books become best sellers on Amazon?

Amazon uses a 'rolling rank system' which means it's always changing based on how many times a book is purchased in a short amount of time. They look at how popular a book is right now.

If you'd like to help me make my novel a success, please sign up below and I will also send you an email reminding you to review the book and where you can get your copy signed. 


Keep scrolling to find out how you can get the book you purchased signed, how reviews can also help boost the book, and how to get exclusive book swag! 


Thank you in advance, friends. As you may have seen, my first full-length, young adult fantasy novel, Fireheart, is available now. One of the most important things an author can do for a book is to get as many Goodreads and Amazon customer reviews—it helps tremendously with search results and credibility so people can find it.

I’d love your help with this. Leave your honest feedback in a customer review.

(For Amazon, a review is a review, every review counts even if it isn't 5 stars).


I will also remind you about leaving a review with a link to the book. And once you've purchased the book, please, email me a screenshot of your purchase and I will send you all the details to get your book signed and how to receive exclusive swag.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you’ll have the opportunity to read and enjoy my book. Even just a one or two-line review means everything to an author. 

I genuinely appreciate any support you bring to help make my dream a reality.

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