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Young Adult Fantasy

AVAILABLE NOW in ebook, paperback & hardcover


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At Drakon Akademie scales and dragon fire
govern the heavens and earth,
and magic is ruled by Akademie Law.

Kaliyah is sworn to slay the dragon that took her mother's life. But, even with the skills of generations of slayers coursing through her veins, she's not prepared for Ryu, the one boy who can make her question everything she believes. When the Akademie orders an unwarranted execution of two slayers, Kaliyah is shocked by the revelation of their corrupt rule. Seeking vengeance for her mother, she forges an alliance with Ryu. With dangerous lies uncovered at every turn, Kaliyah and Ryu's worlds converge, stoking the flames between them. But one dark secret they both share could rip them apart...

if it doesn't destroy Kaliyah first.

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